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this san francisco group headed by Deborah Iyall makes great pop rock with this song circa 1984.
early 1980s NEW YORK, Madonna gave DJ Jellybean Benitez distribution of her uncredited vocal on this great 'lost' track, SIDEWALK TALK.
@djhistory: "Obscure but brilliant tune by Bowie from his underrated Buddha of Suburbia soubdtrack album. "
This is a great mysterious track produced by the great John Farrar at Olivia's most dynamic recording arc of the late 1970s and onward.

On Vox: CAMMING is so …. GAY


CAMMING is so …. GAY!

“camming” using a webcam to broadcast yourself on the internet for entertainment.”


If you click on the picture in the post you will see the best webcam site on the internet. It features the most women on cam. View any cam without a membership or sign on for free to see and broadcast your cam. There is an upgrade for a fee with more features.

With this site, you get to see user’s viewing your cam, chat and save by right clicking a name from your viewer’s to save as friend or favorite.

Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 webcam (without &qu...
Image via Wikipedia

Want to share more information about certain web applications for camming online. These are software you need to download to your PC desktop and access the sites. Two of the featured applications here have a subscription cost and the other TOKBOX.com is freeware.

  • icuii.com - this is a great community of online webcammers in all sexual orientations. For example, the GAY MEN’s MUSIC ROOM where I DJ sometimes, has sub-rooms of variant and deviant interests including assplay, pnp (party n play), slam and more. THE PHOTOS included below are my desktop with icuii.com open in an active sub-room. The webcams you see are persons making an announcement to me they are watching my cam, too.
  • camfrog.com client module
  • tokbox for firefox and ADOBE AIR

    - first go to FIREFOX/MOZILLA add-ons and apply the download to your Firefox or FLOCK browser.

    Restart your browser, and go to the tokbox.com userpage. Here you create a username, enter the address and password of your IM clients including Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, gTalk and Facebook, too. YOU WILL NOTICE with this add-on when you are on your facebook page and chatting there will be a video camera icon next to user’s name.

    A bonus with tokbox, if you already installed ADOBE Air, a desktop client from Adobe to run many widgets, you can add the tokbox.com desktop client. It’s drawback when used exclusively is it does not show your Facebook friends, yet.

    EXCLUSIVE embedd your tokbox.com chat room/conference into a webpage or blog. See my example here.

    SAMPLE of TOKBOX emebedded chat room

    SAMPLE of TOKBOX emebedded chat room

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  • MEBeam conferencing - simple online tool for FLASH-based camming. Just go and create a username for examplehttp://www.mebeam.com/tikitoon. You can give this address to chat friends and can have them meet your in your own online free, no frills pvt. chat room.

    PHOTO ESSAY CHAT from icuii.com:

    Gay Men's Music ROOM at icuii.com

    Gay Men's Music ROOM icuii.com

  • Let’s hear from you and share some experiences, links and personals about camming!

    Originally posted on tikitoon.vox.com





    DJ Choppercat's XXXREMIX: "Porno Segue"
    Podcast: tikitoon's Podcast
    From: DJ Choppercat
    Plays: 2 (Audio)

    VirtualDJ History - 2009/01/31


    23:07 : Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

    23:11 : lady gaga - 10 - just dance-(robots to mars remix)

    23:13 : Scatterfro - Blow Down

    23:16 : Lykke Li - Breaking It Up (Pocketknife's Loosefoot Remix Extended Version)

    23:20 : lipps inc - 207 - funkytown (tomcat remix)

    23:24 : BMX - Theme to BMX (1928 Diamondback remix)

    23:27 : BackToLife_MSTR24_48v1.mp3

    23:30 : inez - 107 - stronger (jody den broeder club mix)

    23:37 : chanel - 208 - dance (fish and chips remix)

    23:41 : Justice - D.V.N.O. (LA Riots remix)

    23:45 : 308 ian carey feat. michelle shellers - keep on rising (peter gelderblom and muzikjunki rmx)-dpk

    23:48 : Utah Saints - Something Good (J. Scott G. & Anthony Ross' Something Gooder Remix)

    23:51 : 08.Deadmau5 vs Madonna & JT - 4 Minutes To Say Hi Friend (G Greg Main Mix 2009)

    23:55 : klaxons - 104 - gravitys rainbow (soulwax remix)

    23:56 : cyndi lauper - 03 - into the nightlife (soulseekerz remix)

    00:00 : D.N.A. feat. Suzanne Vega - 07 - Tom´s Diner (12'' Remix Version)


    00:08 : New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X Remix)

    00:12 : salt and pepper - 11 - push it 126 bpm

    00:14 : Tone-Loc - Wild Thing (meets Moguai remix)

    00:16 : Trash Fashion - Beat Goes Round (Sirhan Remix)

    00:20 : Nelly Furtado - Powerless (Midnight Society Tribal Bushwack Mix)

    00:22 : Natasha Bedingfield - Angel (Moto Blanco Club Mix)